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Monday, Jun 25 2012

Recognizing our Cisco Telepresence Team!

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Armada would like to recognize one of its teams for their outstanding work on an ongoing internal project for Cisco Telepresence Group.


Kent Nguyen is our Sys Admin for the Process Engineering Team who has grown exponentially with the demands of the team and the department. He has worked diligently in both planning for and executing the big Telepresence Server move from the Rack Lab to a greater security Data Center. He successfully brought all the servers back online by testing each server, unit by unit to ensure that every engineer is able to login remotely with minimal down time.

Marcel Burlet, Armada Build & Release Engineer, is the onsite contingency manager who helped to oversee and plan the move to prevent data loss. “Everything was on time and on schedule. There were no surprises. Because I knew my team, I knew things would be done right. We simply planned the execution and executed it.”

Senior Process Engineer Darrel Strom  leads the team as the “Gate Keeper.” Throughout his 30 plus years of experience in software build automation and release engineering, he has provided the bigger picture for the team. The Telepresence Server move was but one part of the Road Map for Disaster Recovery Plan that the team can speak to and be proud of as a whole. If the move had not been collective, well-planned, and properly executed, the potential loss in data quality and engineering productivity would have been huge.

As Cisco Manager Paul Randall shared, “I’m so impressed by the outstanding job you do as a team to keep our software and build infrastructure running at Cisco Telepresence.”

Congratulations to our team for your ongoing hard work on this project.