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Is a PMP Certification Worth the Investment?

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is a pmp certification worth the investment

Standing out in a competitive job market means going the extra distance beyond polishing the formatting of your resume. It can mean investing significant time and energy into developing the skills and qualifications to put on the resume. For project managers, PMP certification is one credential to consider obtaining.

A Commitment to Project Management

Choosing to obtain the PMP certification demonstrates to potential employers that you have a commitment to learning about project management and applying standard, proven methodologies to project development.

Obtaining the PMP requires a significant level of dedication. Beyond an undergraduate degree, it requires 4,500 hours leading projects, completion of 35 hours of specialized project management training, and passing the certification exam. There are costs in dollars as well as time; exam preparation tests can cost thousands of dollars, and the test itself costs between $400 and $600, depending on whether the test-taker is a member of the Project Management Institute or not. Membership in PMI costs $139 annually. Maintaining PMP certification requires completing 30 professional development units annually, usually through taking additional coursework, usually with additional expense.

Employers See the Value in PMP

For professional project managers, PMP has value beyond its importance on a resume, as it provides skills that lead to job success and professional growth. Treating it as a professional development opportunity rather than a "hoop" you need to jump through to get a job will provide the most value to you.

For employers, the PMP certification provides "proof" that candidates have a baseline level of knowledge and skill to cope with real-world complex project management problems. They also know that candidates with this certification have invested in themselves and spent significant time and effort to acquire the certificate. This demonstrates the candidate is self-motivated and serious about the project management profession.

For these reasons, employers often included the PMP in the mandatory qualifications for an open position and use the lack of certification to weed out candidates if they receive a large number of resumes in response to a job listing.

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