Tuesday, May 17 2016

How to Plan for a Day Full of Changes as a Software Architect

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how to plan for a full day of changes

Succeeding as a software architect is all about time management, but it's not about managing time the way you think. Software architects need to manage the project present, the project future, and the project past.

The Project Present

The software architect has to make the technical design decisions the project needs today. Developers need to know what tools to work with and how their code needs to be structured. The software architect helps make those decisions, selecting tools that let the application be coded most easily to satisfy the business requirements, and collaborates with the developers to build the application. The architect needs to select the tools and create a design to meet the unstated requirements too; the factors like performance metrics and the "ilities" – quality, reliability, usability – that are critical for an application's success once real users get their hands on it.

The Project Future

The architect's decisions can't be based solely on what's easiest to do today. The architect needs to be able to envision the future of the application. What isn't included in release 1.0 that will need to be in release 2.0? Design decisions made now can hinder or help the team's future development work, requiring modules to be rewritten or refactored to make them more usable. The architect needs to consider how technology will change in the future, too, to avoid tying the application to any tool that may rapidly be obsolete.

The Project Past

When deployed applications have problems in production, the architect may be called on to help the production support team investigate and resolve the issue. Through their deep understanding of the system design and its development history, architects can identify bottlenecks and root causes and propose new configurations and solutions to the problem.

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