Sunday, Mar 27 2016

How to Get Ahead in One of the Most Competitive Job Markets in America

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how to get ahead in one of the most competitive job markets in america

Want to work for the hottest technology companies in the US? If you do, chances are you've made your way to the Bay Area, where San Francisco and San Jose are two of the most competitive job markets. Getting a job here requires going the extra distance to stand out. Use these tips to set yourself apart from the crowd and ace that interview.

Create a portfolio of work you can share.

If you're fresh out of school, your class projects may be too limited to show the range of your creativity and your abilities. If you've been working for a while, your recent work may be proprietary and locked up behind a firewall. If you're shifting to a new technology or business domain, your samples may not be relevant. Whatever the scenario, create a portfolio that displays your abilities using the technology you want to work with in the business domain that interests you. Thanks to open source and the cloud, it's easy to get access to the tools you need without a large cash investment.

Bring more than tech to the table.

Though you'll likely have to pass a challenging technical interview, there are plenty of graduates from Stanford, CalTech, MIT, and other schools who have top-notch technical skills. You'll make a bigger impression if you have something to offer besides coding chops. Understanding the business lets you help push technical work towards the most profitable direction, while strong interpersonal skills let you fit in with a team and lead them to success. Developing those skills and demonstrating them will help companies see what you can bring to the company, not just to the open job.

Work with a connected staffing agency.

You can't sell yourself to a company until you've made contact with the company. Working with a staffing agency like The Armada group helps shortcut the research and networking process. Our recruiters are in constant contact with hiring companies throughout the Bay Area. We spend time talking with the hiring managers to learn exactly what they're looking for in their next employee. And we spend time talking with job candidates to learn exactly what you're looking for in your next position. Instead of submitting your resume through a company's site and hoping someone pulls it up in a keyword search, you can rely on our connections and our insight to match you to a position that suits your abilities and interests. Through our network, you quickly get in for an interview where you can shine and win yourself a job offer.