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How a Temporary Position Could Boost Your Resume

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How a Temporary Position Could Boost Your Resume

If your search for a permanent position isn't progressing as quickly as you'd like, you should consider taking a temporary position. Besides the immediate benefit of filling a hole in your wallet, a short-term job can also help you find a long-term role. Here are five ways a temp job works to your advantage during your job search.

1. Having a temporary job on your resume can be better than having a long gap that needs to be explained. The temporary role lets you demonstrate that you're serious about working. If you hold the temporary position for more than a few days, it also demonstrates professionalism and commitment.

2. If you aren't sure exactly what you want to do, taking a temp job lets you try out a position without either you or the employer expecting a commitment. If it turns out not to be the right job for you, you can move on and try another type of job. If the role is a good fit, you'll have directly relevant experience to list on your resume and emphasize in interviews for permanent jobs.

3. You may be able to turn the temp job into a permanent position. Sometimes companies hold out the possibility of a job becoming permanent, when it's listed as a temp-to-perm position. Even if the specific position you're working in can't become permanent, you'll have contacts within the company who can let you know when there are permanent positions available. If the manager who oversaw your temp work recommends you, you'll be in a stronger position than unknown external candidates.

4. The contacts you build can also serve as references when you apply for a job with another company. References who've seen you recently and can speak to your recent work help you make a positive impression anywhere you apply. They may also have contacts elsewhere in the industry and be able to recommend you for opportunities they become aware of.

5. Your temp job may let you develop new skills or become more adept at skills you already have. Being able to cite real-world usage of these skills during an interview is much more impressive than book-learned skills you've never put to work.