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And the Top Ten Highest Paying IT Jobs Are…

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and the top ten highest paying IT jobs are

Technology helps make our lives comfortable. If you work in technology, that's even more true, because tech jobs tend to have great salaries. Here are 10 of the highest-paying IT jobs (including salary and bonus) according to a survey by Computerworld.

Chief Information Officer.  You won't start your career as a CIO, but if you aim to climb the corporate career ladder, technology can take you all the way to the executive suite. This C-level job title has a total compensation package that averages around $170,000. Other C-level job titles, like Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer, also claim comp above $150,000.

Internet Technology Architect. The Internet is a key driver of technology, so it's no surprise that this top-level tech strategist role also receives top compensation. Look for a package around $150,000 if you guide your company's Internet development.

Application Development Manager. Take ownership of an application's development path and you can take home salary of around $120,000. Two titles that often lead to the application development manager role take in slightly less, with product managers earning around $116,000, and project managers earning close to $108,000.

Data Warehousing Manager. Data is becoming a key driver of corporate decisions, and with the growth of Big Data, data warehousing managers to oversee the safe storage and retrieval of this data are in demand. Their total salary averages around $127,000. The related role of database manager averages around $102,000.

Computer Operations Manager. Operations roles are also important to a business's technology success. The average compensation for computer operations managers is around $106,000. Help desks are also a key part of tech operations, and the help desk/technical support manager can make around $78,000.

Enterprise Architect. Help guide the company's overall tech strategy as an enterprise architect, and total salary is close to $132,000. With a more specific role as a database architect, you can take home about $125,000 and as a network architect, close to $120,000. 

Storage Architect. The storage architect role is becoming more important due to big data; storage architects and engineers can earn total comp of about $113,000. Storage administrators can make about $101,000.

Mobile Specialist. Helping the company get its applications working on mobile platforms is worth about $115,000 in salary and bonus. While Web development is still important, those positions average $76,000. 

Systems Analyst. Someone has to figure out what all those programs do. The systems analyst job title has total comp of about $82,000, while the technology/business systems analyst title compensation is about $89,000.

Application Developer. Build the application and your total salary may be nearly $95,000. As a systems programmer, it could be over $105,000.