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Friday, Aug 10 2012

12 Tips to Make Your Job Hunt More Efficient!

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Job hunting is a hunt. It takes time to read through cryptically written descriptions, lists of technologies, and vague job titles. There are a few things you can do to make it easier on yourself and for those of us who are hunting for the perfect candidate, and looking through equally as verbose resumes. Choosing to integrate a few of these tips can answer questions before they are asked and alleviate annoyance.
  1. Create a separate email address to post on your resume. Make it easier by setting up an automated response so those reaching out to you know when you are unavailable.
  2. Use Google Voice as your phone number. With Google Voice, you can screen your calls without filling up your normal voicemail or interrupting your day. Get one here: https://www.google.com/voice/
  3. Update your online presence. Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, or GitHub, let your network know you are looking for new opportunities. Update your headline on LinkedIn to read “Sr. Java Programmer looking for new opportunities.”
  4. Tell your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers that you are looking, and attend industry gatherings where you can make other connections. You never know who knows who. It is a small, small world.
  5. Keep track of your applications. Applying through job boards or directly through a company is different than applying through a recruiter. Keep note of what you have applied for and who you have spoken with to alleviate confusion later in the process.
  6. Apply and forget it. Do not beat yourself up if your application does not get a response. You can try again, but also know that you may not be the best fit.
  7. Be honest. Above all, be honest and truthful with everyone you speak with about your schedule, your wants, and your needs.

From a recruiter’s perspective, there are some helpful tips that you can do to make our hunt easier as well.

  1. Put your name on your voicemail. It is nice to know if we are calling the correct person and it helps us pronounce your name correctly. Adding more details about your wants and needs in your next position is a great help as well. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time.
  2. Give as many details as possible on your experience. Technologies, types of projects, and all the sorts of keywords we may be using are very helpful. Project Managers have to gather the requirements of a project so, please let us know what sort of project you actually worked, as long as you aren’t breaking any NDAs.  
  3. Update your contact details. If you are posting on a job board, they often hold onto previously submitted information. Double check to see if your email address, phone number, and location are accurate. You don’t have to give your full address, but providing a current area and commute range helps so that we don’t waste your time.
  4.  Name your resume file appropriately. When submitting a resume, have it be more specific than resume.doc so it does not get lost among the others labeled exactly the same. Though it may be the only resume on your computer, it certainly is not for those reviewing them.
  5. Reply to emails and calls. Whether or not you are interested, responding to an inquiry helps the person on the other end. We will stop calling you when you let us know.

With just a few of these tips, the pressure can be lifted. It may take a few extra minutes in your day, but it can save you confusion and frustration later in the process

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Contributed by: Emily, Technical Recruiter at The Armada Group