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Six Facts To Make You Change Your Hiring Strategy When it Comes to Software Developers

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Six Facts To Make You Change Your Hiring Strategy When it Comes to Sofware Developers

Are you using an old-fashioned hiring strategy while trying to woo candidates to work on cutting edge tech projects? If you think throwing money at potential employees is how to lure them in, think again. Today's IT workers aren't driven by money — or at least not by money alone. Take a look at what one survey found about software developers — and rethink what your hiring strategy needs to offer job seekers to get them to accept your offers.

Interesting projects are more important than money.

This means you need to sell candidates on the actual project they'll be working on. And while some jobs are clearly less exciting than others, especially maintenance and support, you can highlight what candidates will learn in those positions and how they'll have the chance to grow and move into other opportunities at your business.

Employees want to work from home.

The ability to work from home ranked third, right after money, in the things job seekers are looking for. So make sure your firm has robust support for work-from-home; if you have doubts about the practice, there are tools you can use to monitor productivity. Also recognize that working from home doesn't mean always working. So make sure your company can balance demands on employees and allow them to have a life.

Working for you should have its perks.

Employees expect their company to offer perks, such as free or discounted access to the company's product. Employees also enjoy perks like covered gym memberships. And some perks employees want are good for your business as well as the employee: software developers want perks like the chance to attend training classes and technical conferences.

Big names mean big appeal.

The employer "brand" can have significant appeal to potential employees. If you're trying to hire top-quality software engineers, you may want to spend time boosting your company's reputation first. This means you may need to improve your current employees' morale to get them talking positively about working for you.

You may need to accept less-qualified employees.

It's long been a joke in the industry that job ads ask for 3+ years of experience in technologies that have only existed for 1-2 years. But even in more established areas, such as mobile application development, you may not be able to find the level of expertise you'd like. You may need to consider hiring more junior employees and creating your own training plan to develop their capabilities.

Working with a recruiting firm can shortcut your hiring process.

Recruiters have large databases of candidates, plus the ability to prescreen resumes and match candidates to appropriate jobs. Through marketing your open positions and searching for passive job seekers, recruiters can bring you better candidates than you would find on your own. The Armada Group has more than 20 years of experience helping companies find employees. Contact us to learn how our services can change and improve your hiring strategy.