Wednesday, Aug 24 2016

Sitting in Front of a Computer All Day? 5 Tips to Improve Your Health

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sitting in front of a computer

Everyone knows by now that exercise is important to good health. The problem is that most of us don't exercise. We drive everywhere and park as close to the entrance as we can; we watch TV instead of playing games out in our backyards; we use Roomba instead of pushing a vacuum cleaner around. And, of course, we sit in front of our computers for eight hours a day – more, if you're a techie working on a project near deadline.

So, how do you stay healthy when the world conspires to keep you sitting still? Here are five tips that will help you build activity into your day and keep you fit for work, and, more importantly, fit for the rest of your life, too.

1. Move around the office. Email, instant messaging, and the phone mean you never have to track down a co-worker to get a question answered, but a face-to-face conversation is a good excuse to get up from your desk and walk around the office. Talking in person is more sociable and will help build your relationship, too.

2. Get a standing desk. If your desk is at standing height, you won't be able to sit down on the job. Some standing desks are easily adjustable, letting you switch between sitting and standing based on your energy. You can also try a treadmill desk, which requires you to walk while you work, but that can be difficult to adjust to in a job that requires concentration and keyboarding.

3. Get out of the office. Don't eat your lunch sitting at your desk. Head out of the office for a walk in a nearby park or even just around the block. Besides the physical benefit of moving, the change of scenery will help clear your head and get you ready for an afternoon of problem solving.

4. Try out an exercise ball seat. You wouldn't want to sit on a wobbly stool, but an exercise ball seat offers just enough of a balance challenge to force you to engage your muscles while you work at your desk.

5. Hold standing meetings. Not only will your meetings be shorter and more focused in a standing meeting, you'll engage your muscles, too.

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