Wednesday, Jun 06 2018

Why Knowing a Company’s Details Can Land You the Tech Job You Want

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Company Details


Coming prepared for a job interview is a must. But, even knowing that, many job seekers stop short when it comes to getting ready, focusing largely on practicing routine interview questions and digging up information about salaries.


If you want to make the best impression on the hiring manager, then you need to take it a step further by researching details about the company itself, as well as their products or service offerings. If you aren’t sure how this extra effort can help you land the tech job you want, here’s what you need to know.


It Shows You’re Informed

During an interview, the hiring manager wants to do more than just assess your background; they want to determine if your skills and experiences translate into value for their organization. While rehashing your accomplishments is helpful, it doesn’t always provide the interviewer with the context they need to feel confident in your capabilities.


By learning about the company, as well as their products or services, you can showcase your skills in a meaningful way based on their anticipated needs. You can craft your responses to be particularly relevant to their industry or offerings, showing you took the time to become informed about the business and how it operates.


Luckily, gathering this kind of information isn’t as difficult as it once was, thanks to the plethora of online resources. Refer to the company’s website to get a solid overview, dig into their social media accounts to discover recent news and developments, and check out employee review sites to get some background information that may not be available elsewhere. Anything you can find out about what they do and why they do it can give you an advantage during the interview, so don’t skimp on the research if you really want the job.



It Demonstrates Interest

Hiring managers generally favor candidates who seem genuinely interested in not just the role, but the company and its products or services, as well. When you dig into the details and use that information to color your responses, it’s easier to assert your interest in the position.


When a candidate doesn’t perform this level of research, the hiring manager may question whether they are truly passionate about the opportunity. This is especially true if they ask questions that pertain to their particular industry or offerings, and an interviewee can’t adjust their response to answer fully.


By knowing the details, you can stand out from other candidates who didn’t go the extra mile. This can help you make an especially positive impression on the hiring manager, and may make it easier to land the job.


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