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Which Developer Languages Do You Need to Know in 2018?

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Developer Languages

Like most areas associated with technology, which developer languages are considered to be in vogue change on a regular basis. Staying on top of trends is essential, particularly if you want to further your career or land a new position. To help you do just that, here are the programming languages you need to know in 2018, based on anticipated demand.



In 2018, Java is expected to remain the king of developer languages. Not only is it highly versatile, but it also plays a role in emerging technologies like AI and machine learning. Its roots in e-commerce and back-end operations means that Java is still widely used. Plus, the ability to apply Java code to multiple environments is a boon, especially when operational efficiency for multi-platform support is a priority.



Python is also poised to be a strong choice in 2018, partially based on its role in data science and back-end web application development. In fact, the number of job openings that list Python as a requirement is expected to grow, when compared to 2017 levels, making it a potentially lucrative skill to hold as well. Since data analytics is becoming more prevalent in the business world, Python is going to remain popular, making it a highly desirable developer language to have in your repertoire.



Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript remains high on the list of must-have programming language skills. JavaScript is incredibly versatile, and is also one of the easiest languages to learn, making it ideal for entry-level developers as well as seasoned professionals.



Considered a general-purpose object-oriented programming language, C++ is another developer language that most working in the field should become familiar. It is popular for application and server software development, making it a commonly encountered language in a range of businesses and industries.




Another in-demand general-purpose object-oriented developer language is C#. It makes appearances in a range of programs including web, mobile, and cloud applications. It is also associated with IoT, affirming an association with emerging technology.



Like Python, demand for PHP skills is expected to grow in 2018. This server-side scripting language is typically used to add functionality to websites that aren’t possible through HTML alone. It also serves as a general-purpose language, which also supports its overall popularity.



Originally developed for text manipulation, Perl is now used for a range of tasks associated with GUI development, networking, system administration, and web development. It is highly stable across multiple platforms and is recognized for taking the best features from other languages to create an easy to learn and flexible option for developers looking to expand their opportunities.


Ones to Watch

While these reflect the most in-demand languages, others are making significant strides. Swift is popular for iOS development, and R plays a big role in AI and machine learning. While these haven’t reached the upper echelon yet, the potential is certainly there.


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