Monday, Sep 18 2017

When Do Recruiters Go Too Far on Social Media?

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Using social media to find potential candidates, a process known as social recruiting, can be highly effective. However, there are various unwritten rules that indicate a recruiter may have gone too far. These tools are powerful, but using them properly is the key to success. Here’s what you need to know about the nuances and best practices associated with social recruiting.


Don’t Spam Job Posts

An overzealous recruiter may be tempted to get the word out about a position by repeatedly posting information about the vacancy on social media. While they may believe this will help the post be seen by more people, it’s actually a quick way to alienate yourself.


If a particular account keeps flooding followers with the same announcement, it may encourage people to unfollow the account as a way to eliminate the noise. Others may ignore the posts or mute them from their feeds. Either way, it means you lose access to passive job seekers who are simply annoyed by the practice.


Don’t Pry

Researching a candidate over social media can be an excellent way to vet a job seeker. But digging deeper than is necessary isn’t useful and can border on inappropriate. For example, quickly scanning posts and photos for signs of trouble or to confirm the person has the relevant education or experience is fine, but opening hundreds of photos isn’t a way to accomplish those goals.


Writing Off Candidates Who Won’t Let You In

Since screening the social media accounts of job seekers has become common practice, many candidates separate their personal pages from their professional ones. Typically, they’ll restrict access to the accounts that are dedicated to their private lives and only give recruiters access to the professional variants.


Turning away a job seeker just because they won’t friend you on Facebook is generally a mistake. Yes, there is information to be seen there, but the candidate is smart enough to keep these details private. Remember, if you can’t see the account, it is likely the person isn’t letting anyone in if it could harm their public image. And that’s actually a good thing.


Don’t Force a Peek

While this is by no means common, some recruiters have crossed serious lines by “making” job seekers log into their social media accounts in front of them, so they can take a look. Not only is this a violation of the candidate’s privacy, it is often seen as highly unethical and potentially an abuse of power.


Instead of resorting to these measures, recruiters need to understand that social media is only one tool for evaluating applicants. Not being given access to an account isn’t a reason to discount a potential employee and forcing them to give you access is unacceptable.


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