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What You Need to Tell Your Recruiter About Ruby on Rails Candidates

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What You Need to Tell Your Recruiter About Ruby on Rails Candidates


When you are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer, the goal is to find candidates with a very specific skill set. While you could put all of the potentially viable job seekers through a technical interview, allowing you to assess their skills in greater depth, that is an incredibly time-consuming process.

Luckily, there are things that you can tell your recruiter to make sure only the best candidates are screened, eliminating those who don’t actually have the right skills before the interview process starts. If you are looking for Ruby on Rails developer candidates, here is what you need to tell your recruiter.

Ruby and Ruby on Rails Aren’t the Same Things

While Ruby on the Rails is related to the Ruby programming language, the two concepts aren’t interchangeable. Ruby is a general-purpose programming language while Ruby on Rails is a specific framework.

Candidates with Ruby experience might not specialize in Ruby on the Rails, even if Ruby on Rails is the most widely used Ruby framework. For example, a Ruby developer might only be familiar with other frameworks, like Sinatra. As a result, it’s important that the recruiter doesn’t assume that job seekers who know Ruby also know Ruby on Rails.


Recent Experience Matters

Ruby on Rails has been around for about 15 years. Part of the reason it has a long history is that Ruby on Rails has evolved over time, allowing it to remain relevant.

As a result, the Ruby on Rails on yesteryear doesn’t completely resemble today’s environment. If candidates haven’t work with Ruby on Rails for several years, they might not be fully up to speed on the latest changes.

Additionally, genuine work-related experience should be a priority for anything but entry-level developer positions. While many tech pros create their own projects to enhance their skills, actual workplace experience ensures they have used their Ruby on Rails skills on projects with genuine business applications. Often, job seekers with at least one year of applicable experience should be enough for many positions, though more may be necessary for certain upper-level positions.


Other Qualifications

While finding candidates with Ruby on Rails experience may be the priority, there are other things you should also look for on the job seeker’s resume. For example, a college degree or other forms of formal training will be present on most highly skilled candidate applications. Additionally, a solid profile on sites like GitHub might help you find the strongest candidates, especially if they are actively involved in the community.

By using the tips above, you can make sure your recruiter can narrow down the candidate list to only the best and brightest, ensuring you focus on interviewing those who are most likely to excel in the role.


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