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What Recruiters Really Think When They Read Your LinkedIn Profile

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What Recruiters Really Think When They Ready Your LinkedIn Profile


Some job seekers spend hours trying to perfect their LinkedIn profile. Others throw theirs together in minutes, hoping that just covering the basics is enough to catch the eye on a recruiter. However, few actually have a chance to find out what recruiters think of their LinkedIn profile, so most never really know if they have gotten theirs right.

What a recruiter may think of your profile depends on a few factors. With that in mind, here are some insights that can let you know if your LinkedIn profile is hitting its target.

Photos and Headlines

While you usually shouldn’t put your photo on your resume, it is a critical part of your LinkedIn profile. If your picture doesn’t reflect well on you as a professional, then many recruiters are going to have doubts about you.

When you select a photo, opt for one where you are dressed professionally. Avoid model-style poses and instead try to appear authentic, such as by having a natural smile.

Then, you want to make sure that your headline is enticing. While you do want to include your current or target position title, go the extra mile and showcase an interesting point too, like a relevant accomplishment or your industry of expertise. Not only will this help you stand out, but it also increases the odds that recruiters will understand what kinds of positions are a great match for you.


Professional Summary

Your professional summary is a chance to highlight the best of what you bring to the table. Include a variety of keywords that align with your target role, as well as a statement that showcases why you should be considered a top candidate.

Essentially, you want to give the recruiter a reason to keep reading, so let them know a bit about your track record or an area where you genuinely shine. This allows you to make a strong impression quickly, making it more likely that you remain in contention.



Most job seekers focus on the bullet points when filling in the experience section of their profile. While many recruiters skim these, they aren’t likely to read them all word-by-word. However, they are almost guaranteed to look at your job titles and former employer company names.

Make sure your job titles align to common versions. Even if a previous employer relied on a more stylized variant, put the frequently used version in that area too, either separated by a dash or in parenthesis. That way, the recruiter knows what the role entailed at a glance.

If you worked for a smaller company without much name recognition, consider giving the recruiter context instead. For example, you could refer to the business as a “startup” and then include a detail about how much it grew while you were there.



LinkedIn gives you the ability to put recommendations right on your profile. However, most recruiters aren’t going to read a massive entry, even if it is from a former boss who truly wants to sing about your virtues.

As you gather recommendations, ask the author to focus on making the first sentence or two as eye-catching as possible. Usually, that is all that appears embedded in your profile’s experience section, so that may be the only portion that the recruiter actually stops to read.


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