Wednesday, Sep 05 2018

What NOT to Say to Your Tech Recruiter

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Tech Recruiter


When you are building a relationship with a recruiter, being honest is often a necessity. However, that doesn’t mean you need to share every detail about your life or preferences.


In some cases, holding back certain information is simply a smart move. If you are worried you may be oversharing when talking with your tech recruiter, here are a few things you should not say.


“I’ll Take Anything.”

No matter how dire your current situation is, you never want to say that you are willing to take any job that comes along. You risk coming off desperate or like you don’t care about where you end up, both of which can hurt your chances of finding a good position.


If you are particularly motivated to land a job quickly, it’s best to share your excitement about finding a new opportunity in a way that doesn’t indicate you may be trying to escape a problem. Instead, focus on looking toward the future and how a particular role could help you achieve specific goals, as that will be more enticing to the recruiter.


“My Minimum Salary Requirement is…”

When you work with a recruiter, salary conversations may arise. However, openly stating your absolute minimum can hurt your chances of landing a higher salary, as you’ve essentially asserted that anything higher is acceptable.


Instead of providing a hard number, ask for information about the role and its corresponding salary range. This will let you gauge whether what is available could meet your needs.



“I’m Waiting for an Offer From…”

Whether you’ve recently interviewed with your dream company or simply have a target in mind, suggesting that you aren’t open to other opportunities won’t help you connect with your tech recruiter. In fact, they may assume that you won’t even consider any available role, so they won’t make any effort to refer you as a candidate for vacant positions.


It is acceptable to tell your recruiter that you are currently interviewing for a suitable job, but make sure that they are aware that your mind isn’t necessarily made up. That way, they will work with you to explore additional opportunities, something that may be critical if the offer you were waiting for doesn’t pan out.


“Don’t Tell the Hiring Manager This, But…”

It’s important to realize that your relationship with your tech recruiter should always remain professional. Ultimately, they serve as a gatekeeper between you and companies that are hiring, so letting them in on a “little secret” might not work in your favor.


Generally, if it isn’t something you would say directly to the hiring manager, it may be wise not to share that information with your recruiter either. That way, you maintain a proper professional distance and don’t provide them with details that aren’t necessary and that could hurt your chances of securing a referral.


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