Wednesday, Nov 08 2017

What Employers Want to See on Your IT Project Manager Resume

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Being a successful IT project manager often means you have a broad skill set, and narrowing down what needs to be on your resume isn’t always easy. While it may be tempting to list everything you have to offer, this can leave your resume cluttered, and you may end up including superfluous details that the hiring manager doesn’t need to see at this stage. To help you get your resume just right, here are some of the topics you definitely want to cover on your IT project manager resume.



While conveying your communication skills on a resume may seem challenging, speaking to your capabilities is crucial. This gives the hiring manager confidence in your ability to oversee a diverse team and keep things coordinated effectively. To highlight your capabilities, make sure to reference the size of your previous teams as well as what duties you performed that specifically required strong communication skills, like leading daily team meetings or coordinating the efforts of remote workers.



A disorganized project manager isn’t likely to be successful, especially when handling large IT projects. With that in mind, showing that you possess strong organizational skills will help you stand out from the crowd.


To begin, make sure your resume itself is well constructed, balancing text with white space and making logical divisions in the content. A cluttered or poorly formatted resume might have the hiring manager doubting your organizational capabilities, so make sure to get it in order.


In the content of your resume, consider actually using the word “organized” when speaking about your prior successful ventures, such as organizing the workload. You can also include details of any project management software you’ve used previously that are known to help professionals stay organized.



Project managers often need to be masters of negotiating, so including information on your resume that speaks to this skill can help you get ahead. Usually, this can be achieved by discussing previous accomplishments that required you to negotiate prices, feature lists, or timetables with various stakeholder or suppliers. Again, use the word “negotiated” for the greatest impact.


Technical Skills

In most cases, successful IT project managers have a variety of tech skills. Not only does this help you understand what is involved in the project, but it makes it easier to produce realistic timetables, budgets, and feature lists. While you don’t need to be a master of everything IT to impress the hiring manager, having experience in the key areas involved is highly beneficial and will increase the interviewer’s confidence in your capabilities.


So, when crafting your resume, list any applicable technical skills you possess to prove you have the knowledge base necessary to handle the project.


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