Tuesday, Apr 22 2014

What Are Your Skills Worth? System Analyst Salaries

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We can’t speculate on your personal worth – we’re reasonably sure it’s stellar. What your skills are worth, on the other hand – that, we can help with.

Salaries will differ tremendously from region to region, and state to state – there are even variances in within the state, and that’s where our focus will be. Here we will examine the yearly pay of a Business Systems Analyst within sunny California with varying levels of experience. (Note this is not the same as an application systems analyst – there’s a difference!)

We started with Palo Alto, CA because – well, why not? It’s the heart of Silicon Valley, right in our stomping grounds. For a Systems Analyst I (generally 0-2 years’ experience) this job nets about  $64,400 yearly as an average, but ranges from $57,200 to $72,600 for the lowest and highest quartiles, respectively. At 5-10 years’ experience (SA III) the median is $96,000, with the lows and highs at $85,800 and $106,800. In another few years’ experience (Systems Analyst V with about 15 years total) and that brings us to $114,900, $127,500, and $140,600 for the lower, median, and higher quartiles. (Just for fun, the top 10% makes around $152,500).

Palo Alto Total Range: $57,200 to $140,600, depending on experience. This is one of the highest paid areas in the U.S.

Next, we moved to the northern San Fran Bay Area (Santa Rosa).

When we examined at Santa Rosa, we begin with Systems Analyst V, who averages around $115,000. The top 25% is around $126,800, and the lowest 25% is $103,500 Not quite the sort of salary we saw in the Palo Alto areas, but certainly nothing to scoff at, either. A SA III grabs $86,600 on average, while that range is $77,300 to $96,200. Finally, an entry level analyst can reasonably expect at least $51,600 on the low range, although $58,000 is more common. $65,400 rounds out the higher quartile as a Business Systems Analyst I.

Santa Rosa Snapshot Range: $51,600 and 126,000. While not as high as the famous Silicon Valley titans, it’s still considerably higher than the national average by between $7,500 and $10K.

Finally, we head to Sacramento.

A Business Systems Analyst I enters between $49,800 and $63,000, with $56,000 as the average. This seems to be the lowest of the three so far. A few years under your belt yields $83,500, with $74,500 and $92,800 as the higher and lower ranges within an analyst III pay grade. Finally, a more senior analyst (V) brings home about $110,800 before taxes, with $99,900 and $122,200 as the quartiles.

Sacramento spread: $51,000 to $125,000 per year. This is more in line with the national average.

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