Monday, May 19 2014

Top 3 Skills Employers Look for in Linux System Engineers in Silicon Valley

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The last few years, there has been a particular shortage of Linux engineers. This has caused a major skill vacuum as hundreds of jobs go unfilled. Considering the vast majority of enterprise and business applications run off Linux, as well as most servers, this creates a problem for employers.

To address the occupational shortages – which are accompanied by lucrative salaries – many IT professionals and software engineers have switched from other areas to Linux, and many students have graduated with a focus on learning and entering Linux. If you’re considering moving to Linux, here are 3 skills (among many – the choice was difficult) you’ll need to know.

1. Java is one of the foremost programming languages in the world, and arguably the first true object oriented language. The demand for programmers/developers in Java is astronomical, and the pay rewards accordingly. Whether you’re planning on being a Java developer, or another Linux area entirely, it will benefit you to learn at least the basics (and probably a little more) of Java.

2. OpenStack is an open source cloud computing project which runs off Apache source code. Cloud computing, along with Big Data, have been incredibly influential and have revolutionized the last few years in computer science and IT structures. Understanding Open Stack will prove very marketable, and work on open source projects make you stand out from the crowd.

3. MySQL query language has proven to be incredibly helpful, especially in the exploding days of big data. Because of the vast amounts of data available, having a solid database is becoming more and more crucial for businesses to operate and effectively compete. Therefore, having skill in MySQL is greatly beneficial for job availability.

Our Honorable Mention goes to Apache as the most widely used HTTP server, making it incredibly important to know. Apache is also open-source, and often runs on Linux.

Regardless of which Linux skill or experience you have, Linux engineers are high in demand. At The Armada Group, we can help you find the next step in your career. Regardless of which Linux skills you have, we can help you find a very competitive career opportunity. We work with some of the largest and fastest growing companies in the country.

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