Monday, Sep 11 2017

Thinking of a Career Change to Back-End Development? Read This

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Backend Developer


Back-end developers are incredibly valuable to companies. They create the foundation and inner structure that allows systems to function, which is critical for businesses to succeed. If you are interested in a career change and entering the world of back-end development, here are the skills you need to be successful in your new role.


Programming Skills

A back-end developer will spend a significant amount of their time writing code. Often some of the most popular programming languages are the ones that will serve you best. For example, enterprise development often favors Java and C#, though PHP and Visual Basic may also be required. JavaScript, Python, and Ruby are also becoming popular for back-end development, making them strong options as well.


An understanding of various development frameworks is also vital. Which ones you need to know depends on the language being used. For instance, Visual Basic and C# often necessitate knowing ASP.NET, while Python typically requires knowledge of Django.


Database Knowledge

Databases are everywhere, and back-end developers must often interact with these systems. Common variants include Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. As with frameworks, the language that is used often dictates which database is used, but all of these systems require a knowledge of the SQL language.


You may also need to be familiar with certain tools associated with databases. For example, Hibernate for Java and Microsoft’s Entity Framework for ASP.NET may be in use in a workplace, meaning you’ll need to be familiar with them to be successful in the position.


Web Services Experience

Web-based applications are commonly integrated with other systems to provide necessary functions, and back-end developers must be prepared to provide the necessary structure to make these connections viable. Generally, you’ll need to understand both SOAP and REST web services, though REST is typically favored based on the lower learning curve.


Skilled professionals can make an entire career out of being a back-end developer, though these positions can also serve as springboards for other opportunities. For example, some may use their experience to transition into front-end development opportunities, while others will combine both skill sets to become what is known as a full-stack developer. It is also possible to move into application architecture or database development roles, if a person so chooses.


With so many options available, making a career change into a back-end development position can be an incredibly smart move. If you want to learn more about what it takes to work in this field or are interested in exploring job opportunities in the area of back-end development, The Armada Group can connect you with leading employers in the area who are looking for professionals just like you. Contact us today to speak with one of our skilled recruiters and see how our services can make your transition into a back-end development position easier than ever.