Monday, May 19 2014

The Widening Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

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Men and women fundamentally think differently, communicate differently, and react to situations differently. However, this doesn’t mean women are less able to perform certain jobs, it simply means that they perform differently.

This is a good thing.


This is a great thing.

IT jobs require an incredible amount of left and right brain activity, both formulaic and creative. Bringing a female perspective on to a job is a great thing, provided the talent and ability is equally represented, both practically and conceptually. However, with female graduates across all STEM disciplines (and Computer Science more than others) at an all-time low; this doesn’t seem a likely future – at least anytime soon.

One study conducted concludes that less than 5% of women entering college do so with the intent of graduating in computer science. By the time actual graduation rolls around, it increases to 12%, still slightly above 1 in 10. This clearly demonstrates that there is a lack of interest from young females (hence the low numbers of interest in college majors, as opposed to those who graduate in Computer Science and promptly leave the industry for other factors).

However, with other degrees, such as nursing, physician’s assistants, and healthcare related fields, one can’t help but to wonder why there isn’t a larger male presence? Is this the same reason that HR departments have a disproportionately small number of males (by a similar margin to females in IT?) It seems, therefore, that the theory of differing interests is to blame. This means the answer is to increase interest from a younger age in order to increase graduation rates.

The question of how to stimulate interest, then, remains the predominant concern. The best way, it seems, is for the current females to be highly successful, coupled with an inviting culture into IT.

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