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The Most Attractive Incentives for Short-Term IT Workers

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The Most Attractive Incentives for Short-Term IT Workers

Many employers associate benefits with full-time employees, and don’t think about them in the context of short-term IT workers. But good temporary help is worth the effort of offering incentives — and if you supply benefits for your temporary IT staff, you’ll enjoy advantages like attracting better talent, increased productivity, and a higher ROI on your short-term staff investment.

What do temporary IT workers want?

The first step to a successful incentive plan for short-term IT employees is to identify what motivates temporary workers. These employees know that their time with you is limited, and in many cases they’ve already arranged their careers to take care of typical benefits like health insurance that long-term employees receive.

Effective motivation for short-term IT employees is similar to non-insurance incentives for permanent employees. And since these workers have limited time contracts, creating an incentive program for temps is often more affordable for you as an employer.

The ‘more money’ incentive

Just about everyone likes money, and that includes temporary IT workers. A short-term bonus plan for IT temps can be a great motivation to perform well. You can offer bonuses for meeting deadlines, upon project completion, or even for above-and-beyond productivity.

Creating a strategic bonus or series of bonuses for short-term IT employees will increase morale and fuel the natural human drive for competition, ensuring an overall higher performance.

The ‘cool free stuff’ incentive

Gift cards are a great and inexpensive bonus to offer temporary IT employees. You can usually purchase gift cards from just about any local businesses — opt for retail, restaurant, and entertainment cards to give the best bang for your gift bucks.

If you have short-term IT staff that you’ve hired for a big project, and they’ll be around for several months, you may consider giving reloadable gift cards and placing a small amount on them each week. This will keep temporary workers motivated to continue, and give them the opportunity to spend quality time with family when they aren’t working.

The ‘work-life balance’ incentive

Paid holidays, sick days, and personal days are a popular benefit for permanent employees, but what about temporary staff? Offering paid days off to short-term IT workers isn’t usually feasible for a business, but you can create a smaller scale program that still offers much-needed advantages.

For example, you might give temp workers a half-hour of paid time off for every full day worked, and allow them to take advantage of their accrued paid leave for things like important appointments or the occasional personal day. You could also consider offering time off with half-pay when it’s reasonable and needed.

The ‘good job’ incentive

Simple thanks for a job well done are a strong motivator for full-time staff, that’s also free for your business to offer. With short-term IT workers, you can take your recognition for their work a step further and offer official employee awards. The possibilities range from printing out certificates to holding a fun event for your temp IT team upon project completion — and all are equally appreciated.

In addition, employee awards give temp workers something they can demonstrate their value with to their next temporary employer. For an IT professional who changes jobs frequently, this can be an exceptionally valuable benefit.

At The Armada Group, we can help you devise incentive programs to maximize your fulfillment of temporary IT workers, and to keep your full-time staff happy and productive. Contact us today for more information, or to find outstanding qualified candidates.