Wednesday, May 28 2014

Tech Professionals Facing Change

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As the microevolution of IT continues, positions and occupational roles change functions. A helpdesk specialist, for example, has entirely different focus now than even a decade ago – and for that matter, requires a different skillset. With the rapid changes over the last few years, here are some of the professions facing the greatest change.

1. Business Intelligence Analyst. This position has seen a drastic shift recently, in part brought on by big data and cloud solutions. The collection, accumulation and assimilation of big data into actionable intelligence has become the primary purpose for many business analysts and business intelligence professionals, and it’s rapidly becoming an important role to fill as more companies are searching out aggregated data for their own purposes.

2. Application Developer. Speaking of big data, there are different needs for the data. A Business Intelligence Analyst will need a means to access and analyze data. Because there are so many different types of data and databases – and purposes behind them – having an application developer to create the method is a pivotal role and changing the face of IT.

3. Programmers. Similar to the circumstances of the app developers, programmers need to know multiple languages – unlike a few years ago when one could learn Java and be gainfully employed, or land a job based exclusively from C++ expertise.  Having a comprehension of a half dozen languages is common practice, even if you only use one or two frequently.

4. Mobile. Mobile browser optimization, mobile app developers, and localized SEOs have all fuelled the mobile arena. WAP browsers have gone by the wayside, and Mobile Chrome, Safari, Yelp, Poynt and Google Maps have replaced them. One report estimated as many as 60% of product inquiries are performed via mobile, and companies have caught on to this trend. 

IT has always been a very rapidly evolving field, and the last few years have held no exception – except, if anything, to evolve faster. The face of IT will continue to evolve as business needs arise, and will be shaped and reshaped over the coming years.

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