Friday, Feb 07 2014

3 Ways to Stand Out as a Front-End Engineer

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In today’s job market, front-end developers are facing competition for the best positions out there. If you’re looking to land your dream job, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd in this hot market.

What can you do to differentiate yourself as a front-end candidate? Here are three ways to impress potential employers and get the front-end dev job you want.

1. Make your portfolio pop

In addition to cover letters and resumes, front-end engineer candidates need to worry about having a portfolio. These are typically in the form of websites that showcase your experiences, your skills, and coding projects you’ve worked on.

Many recruiters and hiring managers give your portfolio more weight than your resume during the hiring process. The best thing you can do to give yourself an edge is to make sure you have a great portfolio, with at least one good, clean sample website.

2. Know (more than) your stuff

A qualified front-end developer candidate will know HTML (preferably HTML5), CSS, and JavaScript / jQuery. But if that’s all you know, you’re not going to stand out too much—especially since front-end devs are increasingly expected to take on additional responsibilities in the workplace.

Improve your desirability by knowing something that other front-end developers typically don’t. Some of the possibilities with the highest potential include interactive design, responsive design, Web GL, AJAX, and Android or iOS development.

Get active with personal projects

More so than other hiring managers, IT recruiters and managers are practically guaranteed to look you up on Google. Make sure you’re ready to impress by having some personal projects developed and ready to find, such as apps, demos, and open source projects.

You should also be active online in the places that count. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is detailed and current, along with any other social media sites you use. It’s in your best interests to join and be active in one or more popular developer communities, too. A few of the best known include Stack Overflow.

Your resume is just the starting point to open a conversation with recruiters and hiring managers. Give yourself the best possible chance at landing the front-end developer job you want by using these tips to stand out and get noticed.

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