Tuesday, May 21 2013

Nixing the “No-Show”

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Making sure your interviews happen

To a hiring manager, few occurrences are as frustrating as a potential candidate skipping an interview. It means wasted prep time, lost work time during the interview period, as well as the headache of seeing a viable lead fizzle out at the last moment.

Although it’s impossible to completely eradicate no-shows, there are ways to minimize the chances of them happening. By following a few best practices, you’re much more likely to gain that face-to-face meeting with your ideal candidate.

Keep things moving swiftly

The resume review and interview process can easily become a drawn-out affair, as you weigh the benefits of each candidate, discuss their credentials with various members of the team, and communicate back and forth with those you’re interested in meeting. On the candidate’s end, this can make them lose interest, thinking they’ll never find resolution one way or another. In the meantime, another opportunity may present itself. When you keep them in the loop and aware of the process, they’ll be less likely to drop off the map.

Make the candidate feel wanted

Taking time to gauge a candidate’s genuine level of interest in your open position can help you determine early on if they’re prone to skip the interview. If they seem very enthusiastic, particularly if they present a resume and cover letter carefully tailored to your company, do your best to show them that you want them. By only interviewing a small handful of people, and letting them know they are part of a select few, you’ll assure them that you value their potential, making them more apt to follow through.

Promote your company

It should go without saying, but it’s important to consistently reinforce the excellence of your brand, and the merits of the opportunity you’re offering. A good candidate will be sought after by many companies, so the onus is on you to let them know all the positive aspects of your workplace, and to give them reasons to stick out the hiring process—including showing up to the interview.

Be flexible

As tedious as the hiring process may seem from the employer’s end, remember that potential employees have their own challenges to navigate, particularly if they’re currently working full-time. If you have the flexibility to offer weekend or evening interviews, let your candidates know. And do what you can to make the interview convenient: offer a few different times, email them a reminder, and provide multiple ways to get in touch if they need to reschedule.

Showing up is worth it

Essentially, reducing no-shows boils down to the simple concept of giving candidates what you would want if you were in their shoes: moving with a sense of urgency, keeping them in the loop, making them feel desired and informed, offering flexible arrangements, and being decisive. With those ideas in mind, you’ll ensure a positive interviewing experience for yourself and your potential hire.

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