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Should You Streamline Your Hiring Process?

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Should You Streamline Your Hiring Process

With the explosion of the IT sector the last decade (or two) it seems to logically follow suit that onboarding and hiring should be automated and streamlined. Recruiters who have trouble communicating with either the candidate or other personnel involved in the decision will waste considerable time and effort, not to mention the undue frustration that will inevitably result. Here are a few reasons why streamlining the hiring process will help your business tremendously.

Time. Having a single source of all documents required and an integrated task list will eliminate a substantial amount of time, and free up recruiters and HR personnel alike for other tasks – like hiring other candidates. Time is always of the essence, and streamlining a hiring process can help you recover what is otherwise lost.

Efficiency. In addition to time, having a streamlined process puts all the documents in one place. This is especially important if there’s more than one person involved in the hiring process. The hiring manager can look and see what the recruiter still needs to do, and the HR manager can quickly access forms that need to be filled out for background checks or a W-4. Having everything integrated and streamlined avoids the frustrations of a disorganized service.

Communication.  A streamlined process will enable everyone to see who needs what done, and when. This eliminates several people running back and forth with a stack of papers to complete, unnecessary conference calls for status updates, or losing paper applications. Telling a candidate that they need to re-complete an application because it was misplaced is a great way to make them question the company’s ability.

When it comes to hiring and onboarding, technology plays as much a part as it does anywhere else. Having a streamlined and automated process will eliminate overlaps and duplication of efforts, as well as avoid “bottleneck” efforts which are held up by one person’s task.

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