Wednesday, Oct 16 2013

Top IT Candidates in California

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Senior Tech Lead/Architect
- 15+ years of experience with Multinational Corporations
- Expertise in System and Application Architecture
- Expertise in Cloud technology  and Big Data (Hadoop, HDFS, MadReduce,Hive,Hbase,Flume) 
Senior Linux System Administrator 
-15 years of Linux systems administration experience with start-ups and enterprise level companies such as YesVideo, and EBay/PayPal.  
-12+ years working in data centers and managing servers.
-12+ years experience providing PC and Unix Server LAN Support
-Solid background working with Hadoop, Cassandra and Splunk having almost 2 years of experience. 
-Confident working with Shell and Perl scripting having 6 years of experience.
Full-Stack Engineer
-15 years of IT industry and web development experience.
-Background in User Interface, User Experience and Human-Computer Interface.
-Experience with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 
-Hands on experience with JQuery, PHP, Perl, SOAP, and DOM.
Sr Frontend Developer
-C, with 20+ years’ coding expertise. Adept in C++ and Java. Fluent in C# for Windows and Objective-C for Apple.
-Android phone App development with SDK (Java) and NDK (JNI to C / C++); custom Android kernels for rooted phones.
-iOS App development for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: XCode IDE, Objective-C, Cocoa, CoreData, Unity 3D frameworks.
-Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP Server) web services encapsulated as Mobile Business Objects (MBOs) and accessed from iOS iPhone and iPad devices.
-RhoMobile Ruby-On-Rails framework for developing mobile enterprise apps for multiple device platforms.
-IBM Websphere 7 Enterprise Service Bus (client) user Single-Sign-On to Microsoft Dynamics .NET WCF SOA AX-WS web services provider (server) via either Kerberos / SPNEGO or SAML / X.509 Authentication Token mechanism.
-IBM Tivoli TSPM and DataPower integration for centralized enterprise-wide SOA Security Services provision:
-For AAA, Federated SSO and Message Integrity and Confidentiality.
-RBAC-based Authorization Policy expressed via XACML; Message Protection Policy specified by WS-SecurityPolicy.
-Websphere MQ, OpenLDAP, syslog, PWM, Hibernate, MDBs, JMS, Log4J for Enterprise Authentication and Logging.
-Industry best-practice Design Patterns; UML (Universal Modeling Language).
iOS Engineer
-Over 4 years of experience in iOS application development as a technical lead and senior iOS developer and well versed in using XCode, iPhone SDK and Cocoa Touch framework.
-Responsibilities include ensuring that proper technical vision and software engineering processes are implemented on all projects incorporating best practices
-Deep knowledge and experience in IOS application design and implementation
-Updated knowledge of XCode 4.5, iOS 5 and 6
-Experienced in all aspects of IPad application development including designing for all types of screen sizes and orientations.
-Well versed in user-friendly design, performance improvement, documenting code, refactoring, continuous integration and deployment, and unit testing
-Complete understanding of Object Oriented Features (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation)
-Developed native based iPhone applications and beginning knowledge of hybrid development
-Developed and implemented application designs based on MVC and Singleton
-Trained in Agile SCRUM, Waterfall, and TDD methodologies.
-Experienced in XML and JSON Parsing, Multithreading using both 1st part and 3rd party frameworks including TouchXML, SBJSON, NSXMLParser, and NSJSONSerialization
-Extensive knowledge of various frameworks including: UIKit, Core Data, AVFoundation, EventKit, AddressBook, AddressBookUI, MessageUI and Core Location frameworks. 
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