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Resume Red Flags for IT Candidates

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Resume Red Flags for IT Candidates

With the IT career field exploding, an increasing number of candidates are applying for new positions. One common problem, however, is that a fair amount of personnel are trying to “stretch” their credentials a little too far. Here are a few red flags for IT candidate resumes to ensure you’re spending time interviewing qualified candidates:

1. Too many keywords, not enough substance.
Most IT workers and business savvy candidates understand that recruiters search for keywords on LinkedIn and resumes. Using a disproportionate number of keywords – without actually saying anything – is usually an indication that candidates might be borrowing one too many skills from a search engine. If their resume reads like a SEO cluster, don’t bother calling them.

2. No quantifiable experience or improperly paired certifications.
It’s not completely abnormal for a recent college grad to have higher certifications than experience. However, someone who claims to have a CCIE, but received a BS in networking a decade ago with no experience in between is probably not being honest. Similarly, someone who claims to have a CEH but works in desktop support is not likely telling the full story, either. It may not be a bad idea to hear the other side, but be prepared to perform due diligence in finding out the legitimacy of their credentials for  yourself.

3. Higher level position without a duties description.
Having a fancy title is nice, but titles are important because they mean something. A candidate who claims to be a software development manager, but cannot comprehensively list their duties (besides programming) is a red flag. Instead, look for words like “increased,” “reduced,” “performed,” and “productivity” followed by figures or percentages to show that there is not only a valid description, but legitimate, quantifiable results as well. These are the terms managers think in – and the words they’ll most likely use.

Ascertaining what’s relevant in a job field can be tricky, but determining the validity of a resume can be nearly impossible, especially if that candidate has had some exposure to what they’re claiming. Unfortunately, interviewing the wrong candidates can cost considerable time and resources.

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