Monday, Apr 28 2014

Recruiting Technology Trends Busted!

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Technical Recruiting Trends in Mountain View Busted

Even with all the information floating around the Internet, there still tend to be great deal of mystery when it comes to recruitment practices and the technology that recruiters use. While there are some recruiters who hang on to traditional methods, there also a growing number who embrace recruitment technology resources to find the best talent.

As a whole, technology and all that it stands for has become a major part of our everyday lives. Now, more than at any other time in the history of employment, it is even more important for employers to understand how to harness the power of business technology. Using recruitment apps and technology tools helps to break through the myths that exist.

Whether we want to believe it or not, technology is here to help us be more productive as recruiters. Here are some of the myths about using technology in recruiting that we’d like to dispel once and for all.

#1 – Big Data is Out of Place in the Recruitment World

The argument over ‘big data’ in recruitment is something that we hear over and over again. Standard recruiting metrics continue to lead the way in measuring the success of recruiters. However, when analyzed correctly, big data allows recruiters to see their performance over periods of time. Big data also helps to highlight the most successful candidates. Understanding what drives performance and results is why big data should have a place in the recruitment world. Recruitment technology that taps into big data continues to be a trend that all recruiters should watch carefully.

#2 – Social Media Doesn’t Belong in Recruiting

When social media first made its debut ten years ago, many in the recruitment world simply ignored it, thinking it was a passing fad.  The myth arose that social media had no place in recruitment methodology.  However, as we know now, social media has become a powerful player in the recruitment world. Over time, social networking has become the go-to activity the most recruiters take part in to attract and build candidate pools. Most recent studies regarding social recruitment and candidate behavior indicate that this will continue to grow as a tool as developers tap into the needs of professional recruiters.

#3 – Mobile Recruitment Will Never Have any Real Impact

Alongside social networking, mobile recruitment has taken great strides in the last couple of years. Early on, recruiters believed that mobile apps would not be seen as serious tools in the arsenal that recruiters use. However, currently there are billions of job seekers who are actively using mobile devices to conduct job searches, connect with hiring companies, develop online resumes, and apply for jobs. It’s critical for recruiters to be knowledgeable of at least a few of the major mobile apps in order to attract candidates from all markets. As mobile devices get cheaper, more job seekers and recruiters will look to this as primary resource.

#4 – Online Career Boards are Ineffective

Some recruiters think that online job boards are a waste of time. While it is apparent that job boards are no longer the primary source of job leads, according to recent surveys, nearly 70 percent of job seekers still actively visit online boards to look for work. Job boards should not be neglected when planning a recruitment campaign. In addition to posting ads on industry job boards, recruiters should have well developed company career websites so that they can tap into search engines. Making your company's presence known by advertising open positions in job boards, plus on your branded career portal will help your company to stand out online.

The best advice for hiring managers: Don’t believe the myths that exist in this challenging industry. Instead, look at technology’s changes as a positive thing and learn as much as you can about the tools and resources available to you.

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