Tuesday, Oct 29 2013

Optimistic Outlook for IT Field

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If you’re wrapping up your degree in one of information technology’s many specializations, or if you’re interested in a new position, the job market for IT professionals is looking pretty bright, even in an economy with slow job growth. We’ve collected a few good reasons you may want to brush up your resume and get excited about new challenges.

Accelerating Job Growth

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has released figures showing that several IT specialties will be on the forefront of all job growth, in both volume and specific demand, for the next decade. Some of those high-demand areas of expertise include information security, cloud computing, and mobile app development. Analysts of many stripes – web, data communications, and systems – are also desired.

For many of these positions, the focus is more about solving business problems than just administration or coding. That means those looking to land a new position will need to have more than just IT skills—the ability to see the big picture and puzzle out the details will be essential.

Rising Salaries

In addition to the number of IT positions, salaries are also expected to progress nicely, especially in comparison to other vocations. In particular, mobile app developers, wireless network engineers, network engineers, and data modelers are all projected to see an average increase of over 7.5%. Several more IT specialties will see more-than-modest growth, making the field fertile with possibilities.

Multiple Job Offers in Multiple Locations

Looking to relocate? IT is everywhere, and great prospective careers can be found far beyond Silicon Valley. Companies of varying sizes across the U.S. are taking advantage of new technologies, and hiring the staff they need to harness its advantages. Mobile, interactive, and big data are all hotspots for the IT field, creating openings in many different industries. If your IT experience includes healthcare, expect to see more opportunities as well, as technology needs in this arena are exploding.

A growing number of telecommuting IT jobs are available, as employers realize this flexible feature is attractive to the top talent they’re seeking to add to their teams. Provided the communication and deliverability are there, you may be able to relocate your work environment to your home as part of your compensation negotiation with a new job.

Spending Predicted to Escalate

Perhaps not quite as strong as predicted earlier in the year, the 2013 IT spending forecast is still up over last year—and continuing to trend higher for the foreseeable future. Companies are recognizing that updating their technology, as well as exploring new tech tools, is a crucial investment into staying on the cutting edge. Collecting, organizing, and sorting big data is essential for maximizing information gathered from customers and potential customers. In turn, they are also seeking the right IT team members to implement solutions and manage systems, as well as specialists they can depend on to speed up progress.

Forecasting job outlooks isn’t an exact science, but considering how many of the important pieces are in place for growth, it’s pretty fair to say that 2013 is a great year for chances to advance your IT career.

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