Tuesday, Jun 25 2013

Mobile Referrals—Getting the Best to You

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Contacts happen on the go, so get your info moving

Employees have long provided connections to potential candidates for open positions—and with mobile referrals, that process can be easier than ever. Take advantage of your employees’ networks and knowledge by providing them with the tools to effectively connect their peers to your positions. You’ll reap the benefits with great new hires and even more loyal workers. With a solid mobile employee referral setup, everything will be in place to direct people to your door. Connect with a successful staffing firm to help you expand your network and utilize their connections.

Mobility is power

In a world where everyone has gone mobile, keeping your referral system tethered to the workplace means most likely missing out on a host of good leads from your employees when they are not on the clock. Along with pretty much everyone else, they are already mobile, with nonstop social media and perpetually closer access and connections through messaging, emailing, and texting. The social interactions already occurring among your employees and their friends are prime locations for you to find new talent, so capitalize on what they can offer.

Information is vital

By enabling employees to access a referral program from anywhere, you also receive the added benefit of keeping them more aware of your openings and needs. If someone is talking to a friend who happens to be looking for a specific type of position, your employee will have the capability to find job specs for a possible company match.

Additionally, a mobile employee referral system lets employees inform the recruitment team or manager right on the spot, bypassing the need to write down details at a weekend event to email or call days later when the office is open. After all, there’s no reason to delay and risk forgetting, misspelling, or losing what could turn out to be your best lead.

Connections are key

A lead doesn’t require nearly as much effort as an application; it’s simply a preliminary step. Sending a name and contact information, with perhaps a brief bio, is easy for both the potential candidate and the referrer. There will be plenty of time to collect a resume, references, and other details later. For the moment, focus on making the connections that help you satisfy those hard-to-fill positions. To effectively expand your company, it only makes sense to utilize the people you already have, as well as their networks. An experienced staffing firm has developed networks that they can use to find pre-screened talented candidates.

Power to the people

There are plenty of options for mobile job seeking, but fewer companies have jumped onto the bandwagon of mobilizing employee referrals. From a simple dedicated email to a more back-end complex arrangement of writeable forms and a downloadable app, putting your open positions in the hands of current workers is never a bad call. As ever more pieces of the world become mobilized, you can stay on the leading edge of getting leads, anytime and anywhere. The Armada Group has the resources to help you find the most talented IT professionals in California. Contact us today to help develop your job search strategy.