Monday, Dec 09 2013

Do you have jobs in technology? We have top candidates for you.

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Hot Candidates:

LAMP Frontend Engineer
•Worked with Google, WD, eBay, Yahoo, Sony, Juniper Systems, HP & Silicon Graphics, and AlikeList Social Networking. 
•Passionate about Object Oriented Programming, Web Development, Software Engineering, PHP Programming, and developing smarter apps with machine learning for a richer, more intuitive User Experience.
•12 years of PHP, MYSQL, Apache Web Server, Linux
•10 years of JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML, IIS Web Server, Windows
•8 years of PHP5, and Web Services using SOAP, REST, XML, XSL
•3 years of AJAX, Closure, ExtJS, Jquery, BIRT Reporting, Bugzilla, Eclipse
iOS Engineer
•Complete understanding of Object Oriented Features (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation)
•Over 4 years of experience with Xcode, Instruments, Cocoa, RDBMS and Objective C
•Knowledge of the latest Xcode and all its features
•Over 3 years of experience in iPad application development and handling different screen orientations
•Knowledge of C and C++ and using pointers
•Familiar with data structures
•Efficient storage of data using File System, Core Data and Database
•Designed and improved application flow using Storyboarding
•Developed both native iPhone application and web based iPhone applications
•Implemented application designs based on MVC architecture
•Working knowledge of MapKit, UIKit, GameKit, EventKit, Addressbook, AddressbookUI, MessageUI and Core Location framework
•Effective Coding style (clear, explicit method names and effective comments)
•Strong experience with iCloud
•Highly motivated and creative individual
Sr Project Manager
•10 years of industry experience 
• 5 years of experience working as a Technical Project Manager 
•Confident in managing client’s needs and integrating products with the IT teams having over 7 years of experience
•Currently working on getting Project Management Professional certified
DevOps Engineer
•15 years of System Administration experience 
•12 years of DevOps experience
•Most recently worked as a Search Service Engineer and was responsible for deployment, continuous integration, agile development and search operations
•Solid background in Bash and Borne having 20 years of experience, 15 years with Perl, 8 years of Python and 15 years of LAMP development
•5 years of public and private cloud networking experience