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Java Developer Jobs in Silicon Valley | Salary Data

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Looking for Java Developer Jobs in Mountain View?

Java has been around since the 90’s, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the world’s foremost object oriented programming languages. With the tech boom the last decade or so, IT has positively exploded once the average person realized how revolutionary it really is. Along with this explosion was the abundance of new positions.  Now, twenty years later (has it been that long?) Java has evolved into a lucrative and defined (no pun intended) field.

As there is much debate as to the differences between programmers and developers, we will report numbers for both. Here are some of Palo Alto’s salaries for these positions.

If you’re new to Java, and have very little or no experience, it is a great place to begin – and with an average salary of $66,600 for a Java Programmer I, there are certainly worse entry-level career paths. The lower 25% still brings in $59,500, whereas the upper 25% yields $75,500. Not too shabby, Palo Alto, not too shabby.

After 3-5 years, it’s time to move up in the world to Java Programmer II. The mean income rises to $83,400, and the lower quartile rakes in $73,500. Finally, the highest quartile brings home $94,300.

As a Java Programmer III, or Senior Programmer (generally 5-10 years in) the average jumps to $103,600. The upper and lower quartiles are $14,700 and $93,000 respectively. There are certainly worse ways to earn a living.

On the Development side, the average is $99,000, with $83,100 and $110,600 as the outliers. (One can debate about what “Developer” means, but the general consensus is that developers attend more meetings. While it may or may not be true, it does pay more, to be sure.) Most people in this position have 3-5 years’ experience and a strong background in Java programming.

As a Senior, there is (naturally) a sizable pay increase. As a senior Java Developer, one can reasonably expect to be offered $114,800, although between $101,700 and $132,800 are all possible, depending on experience and company. The top 10% net $149,148, though it’s doubtful their experience level is 5-*10 years like the rest of the senior positions.

Regardless of where you are in your career, Java is an incredibly important computing language that pays well, especially around Silicon Valley. And we want to help you get there.

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