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Java Developer Jobs in Santa Cruz: Salary Breakdown

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Java Developer Jobs

Java remains one of the most popular computing platforms around, and Java developers are in fairly high demand.

In general, a Java developer is responsible for designing, developing, and implementing Web-based Java applications according to the requirements of a business. However, organizations are increasingly seeking Java developers with both hard and soft skills — those who can create great Java apps, and explain them in non-technical language to investors, executives, and end users.

Salaries for Java developers vary depending on a number of factors, from the complexity of the job duties to the location of the business. In general, the range of Java developer salaries in Santa Cruz is higher than the national average range.

Salary ranges for Java developers in Santa Cruz

According to, Santa Cruz Java developers earn from under $67,254 to over $118,621. Here’s a breakdown of the range:

  • The median salary is $96,935
  • 10% make $67,254 or less; 10% make $118,621 or more
  • 15% earn from $67,254 to $81,399
  • 25% earn from $81,399 to the median
  • 25% earn from the median to $108,286
  • 15% earn from $108,286 to $118,621

By comparison, the national average salary range for Java developers is from under $58,330 to over $102,880, and the national median salary is $84,072.

Factors that affect Java developer salaries in Santa Cruz

Several areas can impact the total salary for Java developers, including your education and training, experience, job scope, and the geographic location of your employer. Here’s a look at these various factors, and how they might increase or decrease your salary:

  • Education and training: Most Java developer positions require a minimum education of a bachelor’s degree in your area of specialty. Obtaining certifications in Java, such as Oracle Certified Associate (OCA), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) or Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD) may allow you to command a higher salary than a degree alone.
  • Experience: As with nearly any industry, the more experience you have as a Java developer, the higher the salary you can expect. Experience with developing high-profile projects may be worth more, salary-wise.
  • Job scope: Different companies and organizations will have different requirements for Java developer positions. In general, more complex job descriptions will offer higher salaries. Here, the size of the company is also typically a factor — larger companies can often pay more for Java developers.
  • Geographic location: Organizations within large cities such as Santa Cruz will often pay higher salaries than those in suburban or rural locations. In addition, geographic locations within the country affect salary — for example, East Coast and West Coast locations often have higher average salaries than the middle regions of the country.

On the whole, Java developers in Santa Cruz can expect to earn a good to excellent living that is competitive with or higher than the national average.

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