Wednesday, Jan 17 2018

It’s Time! Learn How to Recruit for Generation Z

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Generation Z


Generation Z currently makes up the largest portion of the population across the world, and the oldest members of this group have just recently started to enter the workforce. Like Millennials before them, Gen Z represents a significant shift in how they must be recruited, as they have their own sets of priorities and experiences.


While many companies are aware of Gen Z, few have crafted strategies designed to attract these potential employees. With that in mind, here are some tips for recruiting members of Generation Z.


Look Beyond Job Boards

Gen Z understands just how much information is available online, and that knowledge actually has them turning away from traditional online searches when they are hoping to find a new position. Instead, these new professionals favor referral-based processes, so hiring managers will need to do more than just post a vacancy online if they hope to garner attention.


The easiest way to start is to institute referral programs at work, creating mechanisms and incentives that get your current employees involved in recruiting. This allows you to access your staff’s network and connect with Gen Z prospects with greater ease.



Abandon the Cold Call

Typically, a member of Gen Z isn’t going to answer a phone call from a number they don’t recognize and may be hesitant to return a call based on information in a voicemail if contact wasn’t solicited. That means cold calling isn’t going to be ideal for recruiting prospects in this generation.


However, online or text-based communications, including reaching out over social media, may be effective, as long as you respond quickly. Gen Z is used to gathering information almost instantaneously, so a slow reply may lead to the conversation dying, and then moving on to a more responsive competitor.


If you haven’t made your application process mobile-friendly, then now is the time to get those updates in place. Gen Z is used to having access to information over smartphones, so mobile processes will be more enticing than those that require a computer to complete.


Offer What Matters

Each generation has their own priorities when it comes to benefits and perks, and Gen Z is no different. This group is particularly well-connected with their peers, thanks to social media, so they may have more competitive tendencies, making things like job titles more relevant to them. Additionally, work perks, such as travel opportunities, and a photograph-worthy workspace could also be enticing.


However, like Millennials, Gen Z also appreciates a clear path for advancement, so having benefits like mentorship programs, company-provided training, and obvious career ladders can attract positive attention from job seekers.


Since Gen Z is new to the workforce, there is still a lot to learn about what interests them, so make sure your company remains flexible with its approach, allowing you to adjust as more information becomes known.


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