Friday, May 24 2019

Is It Time to Quit Your Tech Job?

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Today, it’s a job seeker’s market. As a result, tech professionals may be more inclined to seek out new opportunities elsewhere.

It isn’t always easy to decide whether now is the right time to take a leap and find a new position. At times, the situation is a bit ambiguous, making a clear reason challenging to put a finger on. However, there are other circumstances that could indicate that quitting your tech job is a good idea, especially if certain existing problems are essentially unresolvable.

If you are wondering whether now is the right time to quit your tech job, here are some situations where the answer is likely “yes.”

The Future Isn’t Bright

Even if your current position isn’t generally fine, if you don’t see a bright future ahead with the company, leaving might be a smart move. For example, if it isn’t likely that you’ll have a chance to learn and grow, don’t get to face exciting challenges, or otherwise feel stagnant, exploring other options may be beneficial to your career.


Your Motivation is Gone

Motivation can be a tricky thing. Anything from a lack of challenges to a micromanaging boss can stifle your enthusiasm, making it less likely that you’ll do your best work while in the role. Similarly, not finding greater meaning in your contributions isn’t going to help you remain passionate, and your performance or productivity may fall as a result.

While not every moment at any job is going to be incredibly engaging, if you simply never find yourself motivated to excel, seeking out new opportunities may help you reignite that spark. Job satisfaction is important, so, if you don’t have it, you might want to start looking for other options.


Your Boss Tunes You Out

While it isn’t realistic to expect your manager to take action every time you make a recommendation, never feeling heard or acknowledged can be demoralizing and frustrating. Additionally, it could indicate that the company’s culture isn’t ideal or that the organization isn’t inclined to make improvements to ease strains placed on its employees.

If your boss constantly tunes you out when you share a good idea, finding a new job could be a smart decision.


The Company is Falling Behind the Times

As a tech pro, having access to robust and capable technology makes a world of difference. If your current employer is shockingly behind the times or fearful of embracing new solutions, sticking around might do more than up your frustration; it could also hinder your career.

While no company can implement every new solution, being open to upgraded tech and emerging solutions should be viewed as a necessity. If your employer is trying to ignore the future of IT, then it might be time to move on.


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