Friday, Sep 13 2013

Identifying Top Talent from a Pool of Candidates

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The current competitive job market can be difficult for employers as well as job seekers. Sorting through a pile of resumes to find qualified candidates, then selecting that one right person out of a pool of potentials can be quite daunting.
Being prepared with a thorough job description and a clear idea of the well-suited employee for the position is the first step to finding the perfect match, but there are some other ways to filter out the wrong candidates.

Look at the Total Package
It can be tempting to isolate certain desired characteristics, especially if the position is responsible for a specific project or specialized tasks. But hiring based on expertise alone can create an unintentional minefield of issues. There are other questions to keep in mind as you sift through resumes and conduct interviews that will help you evaluate if they're both capable of performing and how they'll perform.

Do they have the knowledge as well as the experience the job requires? What other relevant experience and skills do they bring to the table? How's their attitude – are they a good fit for your company's culture? If they need to work closely with others, are they a team player? Does their desired career path align with what is available at your organization? Are they still committed to their career development, willing to pursue further education or certifications?

Weed Out the Unqualified with Interview Questions
When you've identified what you want to know about your candidates, use that to design the types of interview questions that will give you the insight you need. Sometimes simply asking a candidate what they learned from another job or volunteer experience will set the stage for a revealing answer. Other times, you may need to ask similar questions in different ways to pin down a response – and if you can't elicit one, that might be a red flag.

Along the way, don't dismiss any concerns that arise about the suitability of a particular candidate. Don't make assumptions or gloss over issues – both are likely to come back and bite you later. Clarify with further investigation.

Develop an Onboarding Program
The top talent you're looking for will be sharp, and full of questions about the position and its perks. Quality candidates will want to know what's in it for them beyond salary. Having a comprehensive onboarding program for new hires will be a feather in your cap, as it demonstrates the investment you're willing to make in new employees. Outlining your program with a candidate is a great way to discover more about their own goals and objectives while you communicate your company's.

While no single person is completely perfect, there is someone out there with the combination of skills, experience, knowledge, attitude, and work ethic that will complement your organization's needs. Remaining prepared and objective throughout the process will help you spot that candidate when they're across the interview table from you.

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