Monday, Dec 23 2013

How to Search for Tech Talent on Google+

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In today’s connected world, online recruiting has become the norm rather than the exception. Organizations and recruiters use online platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even specialized social recruiting tools like Jobs2Web to locate and contact skilled candidates for a variety of job openings.

How many are using Google+ to scout for job candidates? Probably not enough—especially when it comes to filling IT positions. Many people view Google+ as the infant of the social world, with a 2011 launch that places it lowest on the totem pole of maturity among popular social networks.

Still, the “infant” is growing fast, with more than 300 million active users and counting. And more importantly, the concentration of potential candidates is higher, with most Google+ users being tech-savvy professionals. If you’re not already using Google+ as part of your job candidate search strategy, you should be.

These tips will help you find the right IT talent on the search engine giant’s tech-friendly social network.

Get active on Google+

The best foundation for successful recruitment through any social network is an active company presence. If you don’t have a Google+ account for your business, you should get one started—and if you’re signed up but have been ignoring your company page, bulk up your profile and start sharing content.

Of course, social activity is a two-way street. At the same time you’re sharing content, you should also “+1” (the Google+ equivalent of a Facebook like) interesting content from industry influences. This helps you grow your network, and puts your organization on the radar of skilled IT pros who are reading the same content. As a bonus, it also increases your SEO and your visibility on Google.

Use Circles to tailor your communications

One of the unique features of Google+ is Circles, which lets you separate your followers into different groups and share content separately. You can create a Circle for job candidates and post relevant content, such as job descriptions or application contact people, and reach a wide pool of candidates quickly.

Google+ also lets you import your email contacts and sort them into Circles, so it’s easy to add current applicants, past employees, and more into your group.

Host a Google+ Hangout

Another tool that’s unique to Google+ is Hangouts. These are real-time video conferencing events that let multiple people connect and communicate through webcams and audio. Hangouts are becoming popular ways to connect top people with followers and fans across multiple industries- earlier this year, NASA even hosted a Hangout with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Holding your own Hangout events is a great way to attract talent and have them interact directly with your organization. During the event, your speaker can encourage participants to look at the career openings on your company website, and have them sent a direct link to your job postings with the chat box.

Google+ is a prime hunting ground for IT talent. Take steps to incorporate this social network into your online recruitment strategy, and you may find your next rock-star developer or engineer there waiting for you.

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