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How to Nurture Your Database Administrators

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How to Nurture Your Database Administrators


Database administrators (DBAs) are highly focused professionals, and their tasks tend to be incredibly specific to their niche. However, the IT pros also have to be very adaptable, adjusting to new technologies when the situation demands it and embracing new tools to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. Plus, they are commonly asked to handle complex projects, such as migrating to a completely different database, which can be both challenging and time-consuming.

Ensuring your DBAs are equipped to handle everything their position entails requires effort on the part of management. You have to nurture their capabilities and mindset. If you want to make sure your DBAs can thrive, here are some tips you can start using today.

Provide the Right Training and Tools

No professional can excel if they don’t have the right tools and knowledge for the job. Providing your DBAs with access to training options, mentorship programs, or formal education can help them acquire the understanding they need to do well in their position.

Similarly, working to ensure that the best technologies are available that can help them best manage their duties is also critical. With the right tools, many tasks are quicker, easier, and more accurate. Plus, being in a supportive work environment can enhance morale, making what can be a stressful position more enjoyable and intrinsically rewarding.


Encourage an Adaptive Mindset

Technology changes at a rapid pace, and it can be hard to keep up. Getting locked into a single way of thinking can be incredibly damaging in any tech role, including database administration.

By encouraging your DBAs to adopt a full-stack-style mindset, you are promoting big picture thinking. This allows them to consider additional points like safety and security instead of just focusing on how data is delivered.


Promote Service-Oriented Thinking

DBAs aren’t just technical professionals; they are providing a service. By promoting service-oriented thinking, you can encourage your DBAs to examine their activities and how they directly impact the customer experience, something that may not have been asked of them in the past.

Whether that is reducing the need for changes by using a better approach initially or simply interacting with various stakeholders in a calm and professional manner, learning to be customer service-oriented can help your DBAs thrive in today’s increasingly connected business world.


Make Well-Being a Priority

If you want to support and retain your DBAs, then you need to make their well-being a priority. Finding options for reducing stress, ensuring they are not overtasked, and providing them with access to various benefits and perks can all make a difference in their mindset and quality of life.

Similarly, promoting work-life balance can be incredibly effective. Offering flexible schedules, telecommuting options, or the ability to completely disconnect during work hours can all lead to better work-life balance. As a result, you can help your DBAs avoid burnout, which is critical for their longevity in the field.


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Ultimately, you can nurture your DBAs by using the tips above. If you would like to know more, the staff at The Armada Group can help. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced team members today and see how our employee management expertise can benefit you.