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How Much Should You Earn as a Senior Front End Engineer?

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Armada Dec How Much Should You be Earning as a Senior Front End Engineer

Front-end engineering is one of the most in-demand developer skills. With the need for applications to run on multiple devices, companies need skilled front-end developers to create interfaces that work on every platform. There's a lot of reward in the good feelings that come from creating attractive interfaces that are easy to use, but front-end developers also get the rewards of a competitive paycheck, especially at senior levels.

Senior Front-End Engineer Skills

Before you can become a senior front-end engineer, you need to have a couple of years experience with core skills, plus additional skills to round out your ability to contribute to a team.

Every front end developer needs to know standard front-end technologies like HTML and CSS. JavaScript is key; you should have expert knowledge of base JavaScript language capabilities including scope, closures, and inheritance. You should also be familiar with libraries and frameworks like jQuery, Node.js, and Angular.js. You should also have a solid understanding of AJAX and JSON.

Since front-ends are so dependent on images, the ability to manipulate images in Photoshop is also a useful skill.

At many companies, front-end developers pinch hit on the backend, and knowing a server-side technology like Python or .NET, in addition to front-end languages, increases your value to your employer.

Senior Front-End Engineer Salaries

Salaries vary across geographic regions and industries, but you can still find useful information. According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for front end engineers is more than $99,000. They also provide a salary breakdown by company, with Facebook's front-end engineers averaging more than $135,000 and Yahoo's front end engineers averaging about $111,000. Not surprisingly, the numbers go up when you add "senior" to the title; Glassdoor reports an average figure of close to $120,000 for senior front-end engineers at Yahoo.

Other surveys report even higher figures in specific locations. Indeed reports an average salary for senior front-end engineers of $105,000, but the same title in New York or San Francisco pulls an average salary of more than $140,000.