Thursday, Oct 10 2013

Attract Talent: Develop a Desirable IT Environment

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For most organizations, getting and retaining top IT talent is a primary goal. When it comes to attracting talent, some strategies are more effective than others. One of the most foolproof is to make your business a great place to work.

So, what constitutes a desirable IT environment? Today’s employees are seeking flexibility, opportunities for advancement, and a team atmosphere that fosters knowledge and communication.

Create a team orientation

A popular workplace mentality at many of today’s successful businesses is that “none of us is as good as all of us.” This is especially true for millennials, who are often far more comfortable and productive working in teams than flying solo.

There are several ways to foster a team culture in your organization:

  • Offer diversity training for both new and established employees
  • Recognize and reward team players as frequently as those with individual merit or accomplishments
  • Arrange for team-building workshops, seminars, or retreats that help employees learn to work better together

Offer certifications and training

Helping your IT staff build up their skills and abilities isn’t just good for your company’s productivity as a whole—it’s also great for retention. When you make additional training and certifications available to your employees, you’re sending the message that you want to invest in them for the long haul.

The potential for advancement within your company is crucial for IT employee retention. If they believe they’ll be stuck at the same level—and the same salary—for as long as they work for you, they’ll start hunting for greener pastures.

Tell them “why” to do

Today’s savvy IT employees are no longer satisfied with simply being handed down tasks from management and expected to complete them by rote. They want to know why they’re doing what they are—not out of laziness or an opportunity to refuse work, but because they want to feel like they’re making a difference and contributing to the success of the company.

Providing employees with context for their work and business goals enhances the team culture, and helps staff feel they’re part of something larger than themselves.

Be flexible

Work options like flexible scheduling and part-time telecommuting are becoming more common in today’s workplace. In fact, many employees—who are leading increasingly busy lives outside the office—value flex options over other types of benefits, and would choose a position with flexibility over one with a higher salary and rigid requirements. Offering flex options is a great way to differentiate your firm and attract top talent.

Provide variety

No one wants to do the same thing at work, day after day. You can improve attraction and retention for IT employees by offering different projects throughout the year, providing opportunities to cross-train and experience a variety of work disciplines.

Put these strategies into place for your business, and you’ll create a desirable IT environment that enables you to attract the best talent—and keep them happy, engaged, and productive.

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