Friday, Jan 26 2018

Here are the Most Intelligent Answers to Deliver in Your DevOps Interview

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DevOps Interview


Companies are continuing to see the benefits of DevOps in their organizations, leading many to create and maintain positions dedicated to these roles. If you are interested in landing a new DevOps position, then being prepared for the interview is likely the key to your success. To help you stand out from the competition, here are some of the most intelligent answers to common questions you’ll probably be asked during your next DevOps interview.


What is DevOps?

Many hiring managers use this question to ensure you have a solid understanding of the main themes associated with DevOps, so failing to nail this question can lead them to question whether you are right for the role.


Luckily, crafting a strong answer isn’t difficult, as long as you focus on the proper points.


Begin by mentioning that DevOps focuses on developing and deploying software (and associated services) with greater agility and flexibility in a shorter timeframe, and how an agile relationship between IT operations, security, and software development play a substantial role in overall success.


You can also discuss how DevOps is the next step beyond Agile methodology, allowing lean practices to be integrated with the full product development cycle.



What are the Highlights of Your DevOps Experience?

When answering this question, you need to have specific examples that you can discuss based on your career experience. This means taking a look back and determining which instances best reflect either the cultural or technical side of DevOps, regardless of whether the project was ultimately a success or failure.


Think of times when you were faced with a problem and relied on DevOps principles to learn, grow, and find a solution. Treat your response like a story by including a beginning, middle, and end based on the project being undertaken, how DevOps played a role in the project, and the final result.


How Will You Help the Company Take DevOps to the Next Level?

For companies that are just starting to embrace DevOps, the hiring manager may be curious as to how you can further their objectives in this area.


Since DevOps is more of a culture than procedure, explaining that you would assist the organization in getting away from silos and embrace cross-functional teams is a great place to start. You can also reference any learning sources that you rely on for insights into DevOps, showing that you intend to continue learning about the approach and growing in the field.


Ultimately, a successful DevOps interview often involves showing that you have the right mindset for the role as well as the technical skills required to perform in the position. By highlighting both, you can leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager, increasing your odds of receiving a job offer.


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