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Getting the Most Value out of Your Recruiting Support

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Getting the Most Value out  of Your Recruiting Support

Finding a job isn’t easy, especially in a highly competitive industry like IT. Many tech job candidates choose to work with a recruiter during their job search for a variety of reasons, from finding employment faster to landing the best possible position that matches their skills and abilities.

Here are some of the benefits of using IT recruiters for your job search, along with tips on how you can work better with recruiters to gain maximum value from your working relationship.

Get both feet in the door

While recruiters certainly work with IT job applicants, they are employed by hiring companies, either as in-house recruiters or third-party recruiting services. This means recruiters work to develop relationships with hiring managers and human resource professionals in the companies they work for — and those hiring managers prefer applicants who are referred by a trusted recruiter.

When you work with a recruiter, your resume typically goes to the top of the pile, and you’re more likely to be called for an interview than candidates who submit their resumes cold.

Gain access to “secret” jobs

Many companies don’t advertise their best IT positions. They may not have the necessary infrastructure to handle the flood of resumes, or they may prefer to choose candidates from a select pool of trusted resources — which typically includes recruiters they’ve developed relationships with.

Working with a recruiter gives you the opportunity to apply for positions that aren’t advertised to the public. Not only are these often better jobs, but there’s also a shorter time from application to employment, as the company doesn’t have to deal with hundreds of hopeful candidates and endless rounds of interviews.

Land the perfect career

Hiring managers and human resource personnel will typically have several responsibilities within their organization. But an IT recruiter has just one job — matching the right candidates to the right positions. Recruiters are familiar with the companies they work for, and the candidates they represent. They’re able to give you inside information on why you would (or wouldn’t) fit well with a particular company or position, and ensure that you get hired at a company you’ll love to work for.

Free career resources

IT recruiters can help you with other aspects of your job search, beyond the application process. Most recruiters offer interview practice and training, skills development opportunities, and other resources that will help you with your current job search and beyond. Recruiters can provide you with career guidance and direction, especially if you’re not sure which employment path is the best to take.

Tips for working with IT recruiters

Recruiters can benefit you in many ways during your job search, but there are some things you should do to ensure a smooth path to employment:

  • Stick with one recruiter. Some IT job candidates believe that working with multiple recruiters will increase their chances at getting hired — but in fact, the opposite is usually true. Companies may work with more than one recruiting agency, and if two recruiters present your name for the same position, it can keep you from getting the job and damage your relationship with both recruiters.
  • Be honest. If you’ve sent out (or you’re still sending) resumes directly to companies in addition to working with a recruiter, let the recruiter know if he or she offers to send your information to a company where you’ve already applied — especially if you’ve been turned down. Referring a candidate who’s previously applied can harm a recruiter’s reputation, and chances are they won’t want to continue working with you.
  • Stay organized. Keep track of your job search, even if the recruiter is also monitoring your schedule. Note which companies you have resumes in with, who’s contact you, where you’ve interviewed, and who you’ve followed up with. Maintain detailed notes, along with dates, about all of your job search activities so you can reference them later.

Working with an IT recruiter like The Armada Group can help you ramp up your job search and find a great job, faster. Make sure you keep the relationship honest and professional, and you can enjoy all the benefits of having a recruiter on your side while you find the perfect job. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.