Thursday, Apr 17 2014

Front End Developer Salaries in San Jose

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After the last few years, it’s really not necessary to discuss how the explosion of the Internet has created a massive amount of tech jobs. What they’re paying, however, is certainly worth discussing.

We’ve collected a few statistics from different sources (namely, and Indeed) and put together some numbers for web development jobs, so you can see where they stand.

When examining a salary, finding a base of reference is necessary. In this case, $89,300 is the average of a Front End Developer in Silicon Valley according to Indeed places this at $88,000, so we know that there is enough evidence to support this number within about 1.5%. This generally encompasses between 1-5 years of experience. The National Average is $73,900 – a substantial drop in comparison.

In contrast, the top quadrant of front end developers brings in around $101,100 in the Silicon Valley area, with the same amount of experience. Compared to the national average ‘s top 25% of $83,600, this is a 20% increase for working in Silicon Valley. Even in the bottom quartile, the national average is $64,100, compared to Silicon Valley’s lucrative $77,600. While the change isn’t as noticeable here in raw numbers, it still maintains a 20% competitive edge.

After a few years of experience (generally 5-10), an IT professional qualifies as a senior role. This brings a considerable pay raise: $105,000/year on average is the new Silicon Valley based employee salary. Compare this to the national average - $86,900. (We can’t help but point out that the average Silicon Valley Front End Developer makes as much as a Senior Front End Developer elsewhere).

Even at the higher Sr. quadrant, where the national average is $97,200, Silicon Valley trumps their gross at $117,500.

At the end of the day, numbers cannot lie (as those frustrating errors demonstrate so frequently).  Front End Development pays and it pays well.

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