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Engineering Manager Jobs in San Francisco | Salary Breakdown

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Engineering in the computer industry is a very broad field, encompassing virtually every sector of IT. Computer engineers, network engineers, Linux engineers, software and hardware engineers; the list is as expansive as the number of IT fields. Each engineering field has a manager – and the compensation increases considerably once a worker reaches a manager position. Here are some salary samples of engineering manager jobs in the San Francisco area.

Software Engineering Manager is first on the list, as it is the most general – and hence, most frequent – title among engineering managers. The median salary for an software engineering  manager in San Francisco nets $148,300 – a fair amount more than a Sr. Java Engineer, for example ($103,600). The upper and lower quartiles are $133,300 and $169,700, respectively. This compares noticeably higher than the national average

By contrast, a hardware engineering manager in San Fran brings in $157,300, before taxes. While the responsibilities are very different, the difference is less than 6%. The lower 25% of the hardware engineering managers however, brings in $138,000 whereas the top 25% rakes in $175,000. The highest 10% yields $191,300.

Integration between software and hardware managers is an important function, and thus, systems engineering managers are next on our list. The job description for system engineering manager includes the requirement to maintain adequate software updates and hardware infrastructure. In the San Francisco area, this is very close to the previous two, at $150,100 per year as the median. The quartiles for Systems Engineering Manager are $129,500 and $168,500 for the top and bottom 25%, respectively. 

Finally, a network engineering manager’s median income for the bay area is $140,700. This is the lowest amount of the engineering managers, but still a very fair wage. The lowest 25% receives $122,500, while the highest 25% yields $160,800.

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