Wednesday, May 28 2014

Emerging Skill Sets in the Bay Area

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As tech continuously evolves, there are constantly new skill sets, development suites, and open source projects introduced – some meet widespread adoption, some are not. Here are some of the most recent developments in the San Francisco Bay area, and how they’re used.

Hadoop is a platform designed to analyze complex data structures beyond relationship databases. Rather than analyzing basic bits of information, Hadoop was created as a platform to store multiple information fragments in multiple places – or servers – and keep track of what information is where. By spreading out the information, it allows multiple servers and processors to perform the workload, rather than a single engine of centralized data. This localized ability allows users to perform more complex processes faster by splitting the load.

DevOps has been a huge buzzword recently. It is a software method, rather than an actual application or platform. It was built to bridge the gap between software development teams and technical operations through automation, and provides continuous deployment, integration, etc. DevOps is ideal for continuous delivery applications.

BYOD is an abbreviation for Bring Your Own Device, specifically referring to corporate and enterprise solutions. BYOD allows users to access corporate information (generally behind a firewall) whether it’s exchange services or some other database. While it benefits employees by allowing them to access pertinent and proprietary information, it also poses a higher risk from a security perspective, which is why businesses are evenly split between the benefits and risks.

Security is a broad term, and applies to a wide swath of virtual applications. After Target, Heartbleed, and Ebay breaches, security has taken on a new level of urgency and importance. Generally speaking, security writes patches or tests for penetration and weaknesses against DoS, DDoS, MitM, and other threats. At present, approximately 65% of security breaches are easily preventable, another 20% are moderately preventable, and 10% are preventable, albeit with difficulty. The place of a security professional is to protect their systems and information from all threats, regardless of difficulty level.

As IT and computer sciences continue to evolve, innovations will continue to create shortages, new skills, and increasingly efficient methods. The key to operating a maximum productivity is to maintain a competitive edge by keeping up with IT trends.

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