Thursday, Apr 17 2014

How to Develop a Relationship With Your Santa Cruz Recruiter

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In any company there are two engines for continued growth of a company: sales and recruiting. Sales ensure your business has customers to service, and recruiters ensure your company has the right people to help the company grow.

The sales team usually has little, if any, exposure to the IT team. The recruiter, however, is a different story.

You want the recruiter on your side. You need the recruiter on your side. You need solid candidates, and you want the recruiter to know exactly which skill sets your IT team needs.

So here’s a few ways to develop a relationship:

  1. Meet often. There is no substitute for face-to-face meetings. Meeting often will immediately boost your relationship with virtually anyone, including a recruiter. Face-to-face meetings build familiarity, which boosts confidence. It also allows for more effective communication than phone or email, as the communication channels are richer.
  2. Feedback is priceless. It goes both ways, but a recruiter needs to know how the last new employee worked out; what went well, what didn’t go well, and what could have been communicated more effectively. The best way to offer feedback is to be open about receiving feedback as well.  Candid communication can be tough, but it pays.
  3. Integrate your recruiter. He or she should be a part of the team, not out in left field. Not everything involves them, but they should have an operational feel for exactly what you’re looking for and what your office needs. (Especially mindset!) In some cases, they already know from past experience, but in many cases the integration never happens, hindering the ability to nab the ideal candidate.
  4. Learn about recruiting. This is imperative to have at least some appreciation of what recruiters do on a daily basis. When you learn what they do, even without understanding all the intricate details, it affords you an insight into their struggles and helps you appreciate their occupation. Recruiting is considerably more than surfing LinkedIn and making a few calls, contrary to popular belief.

Building a lasting relationship with your recruiter provides considerable benefits, and helps both of your jobs run more smoothly. If you’re having trouble finding qualified candidates, try the aforementioned and it will improve your relationship.

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