Monday, Aug 19 2013

Developing a Relationship with Your IT Recruiter

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Staffing your team with people who fit your culture and who promote your mission is an involved process—one that many organizations choose to outsource. Get the most out of recruitment services by cultivating a connection with your vendor. When you make them feel like a valued partner, they will be dedicated to bringing you excellent and enthusiastic candidates. Responsiveness and clear communication are vital to developing this relationship.

No Time to Stall

If you gave your recruiter a clear picture of your ideal IT professional – a thorough job description, education and experience requirements, salary range, and the type of person who thrives in your working environment – be ready to receive several qualified candidates. Don’t delay in reviewing the information your vendor sends; not only does it slow down the process and create frustration, but you’ll miss out on top IT talent. Make a short list of candidates to follow up with, and keep the momentum going.

Be Objective to Reach Objectives

Once you review what your IT recruiter sent over, take the time to make some detailed notes about each candidate, even ones who don’t make the cut. Focus on each candidate’s suitability for the specific information technology position you want to fill. Creating a few objective questions and comments about your impressions while they’re fresh in your mind will give your recruiter some insightful feedback, helping to narrow the field of potentials.

Further Filtering

The next step is to set up appointments through the recruiter to screen your top candidates. This is as much a chance for your potential employee to find out about your organization as it is for you to dig a little deeper into what they have to offer. Your recruitment firm should have prepared both of you for this stretch, but now is the time to pay special attention to flags that signal possible success or catastrophe.

Winning the Winner

The IT talent you were searching for is now unmistakably narrowed down to one. Don’t dawdle in making your offer—and remember, recruiting requires some negotiation. Keep your IT recruiting firm filled in on the process and expected start date. You also don’t want to burn bridges with the candidates you screened out; they may fit a future position, so give them the courtesy of an update.

Staying Connected is Essential

Your association with the recruiter doesn’t end when you hire the IT specialist. Providing non-confidential feedback on your new team member and your experience with the vendor are two important ways to strengthen the relationship. Keep the recruiter abreast of what’s happening with your IT department; if they know you’re growing, making upgrades or changes, or in need of specialized IT services, chances are good they’ll keep a now-weather eye out for the perfect people to keep your information systems on track.

By investing in a partnership with your IT recruiter, you’ll lay the foundation for a strong employment relationship with your new IT professional. The better your IT recruiter knows your company’s mission, culture, and focus, the better they can supply you with a high-performing team as you grow. If you are looking for IT recruiters in California, contact the Armada Group today.