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7 Ways to Implement New Technology for Your Candidate Search

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7 Ways to Implement New Technology for Your Candidate Search

The world of recruitment is changing. Candidate searches increasingly rely on robust and emerging technologies, allowing companies to get a leg up on the competition or keep pace with early adopters. While new tech is increasingly available, figuring out which options to implement isn’t always easy. However, by increasing your familiarity with what’s out in the market, you can make sound decisions.

If you want to implement new technology into a candidate search, here are seven ways to get started.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the recruitment experience. Companies can use the technology to locate strong matches. Additionally, candidates can benefit from various AI services, including automated alerts about job openings or hiring process status changes.

2. Social Media

Using social media to connect with and screen candidates is becoming increasingly common. The platforms are excellent for engagement activities, and job seeker profiles can provide employers with the information they won’t find on a resume.

3. Mobility

Mobile devices are incredibly common, and many professionals prefer using smartphones over computers. As a result, mobile-friendly job announcements and application design are becoming the norm. The approach ensures that job seekers can discover openings and complete the application process entirely through their smartphone, preventing the need to switch to another device to submit a resume.

4. Video Interviews

Since many companies are targeting passive job seekers, many of whom are already employed, and are increasingly open to hiring remote employees located in different parts of the state or country, video interviewing is being embraced. Plus, it’s often more convenient for candidates than driving to the company’s office location, so arranging a meeting isn’t as challenging.

5. Targeted Ads

Using targeted job ads helps companies connect with the right kind of candidates. They can focus on job seekers with specific interests or that reside within a reasonable commuting distance, increasing the odds that individuals who see the ad are solid fits.

6. SEO

While search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t new, it’s increasingly being used for recruitment. By creating job ads, blog posts, and other content that contains keywords that candidates are searching for, they are more likely to connect with your company thanks to the SEO efforts.

7. Networking

Not long ago, finding candidates relied solely on job ads. Companies could essentially just sit back and wait for quality job seekers to apply. But that approach doesn’t work today. Instead, networking is increasingly important if you want to snag the best and brightest talent. Failing to engage with candidates means potentially missing out, so employers need to get involved online if they're going to succeed.

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