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7 Tips to make Your Company Appeal to Women in Tech

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10 Tips to Make Your Company Appeal to Women in Tech

Women in technology make up just over 10 percent. Studies show that the interest simply isn’t there, as very few women going into college pursue a computer science degree. It will take an industry-wide effort to generate more female enthusiasm, and results won’t follow overnight. However, here are seven tips you can use to make your company appeal to women:

1. Hire women. This seems almost too obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Women who walk in to an all-male IT operation are less likely to feel comfortable working there.

2. Involve the community.  Find local groups who focus on empowering women in the workplace. Once your company establishes an effective relationship, most groups will go to great lengths to help you.

3. Contact Sororities. Because most sororities include a GPA stipulation, they will tend to have a higher quality education – or, at the very least, prove to have the more earnest students. Forming relationships with sororities extends a branch from your company to women interested in technology.

4. Increase flexibility. Women, statistically, are much more prone to accepting offers from jobs that are willing to adjust for family planning. Flexible hours and work from home jobs will open a number of opportunities.

5. Have a female recruiter. At least one female recruiter on your team will drastically increase the odds of appealing to other women. This also remains true for women in management or administration, even if they’re not directly involved in IT.

6. Have an intern program. If you have multiple internships, reserve a proportion of slots exclusively for female participants – while making an effort to bring in more than one. 

7. Bring in outside help. Consider bringing in a female consultant to find small changes to your workplace that could help to build a more gender neutral atmosphere.

Increasing the number of female candidates is a long-term goal for most IT workplaces, as females bring in a different perspective that can positively affect the outcome. These seven tips can help your company become a more female-friendly environment.

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