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5 Qualities to Look for in a Technical Recruiter

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Armada Nov 5 Qualities to Look for in a Technical Recruiter

Finding good technical employees can be time consuming. It takes time to publish the job description, sift through resumes, and screen potential employees. Offloading this work to a technical recruiter lets you focus on the work your business needs to get done – if you hire the right recruiter. Look for a technical recruiter with these skills to help you fill your open position fast.

Understanding of technology and the industry

Technical roles require a lot of specific skills. The more a recruiter understands about the skills, the more effectively they'll be able to winnow out candidates who've padded resumes with buzzwords not backed up by experience. And the more they understand about your industry, the better able they'll be to distinguish the “must have” skills from the “nice to have” skills.

Lots of contacts and the drive to make more

If the recruiter has a large database of resumes already, they can start identifying candidates before the job description is even posted. They should also know where to network both online and in the real world, to make more contacts and solicit resumes from more potential hires.

Marketplace insight

With an understanding of the marketplace, an effective technical recruiter can help you determine an appropriate salary for the position you're listing. They can also give you a realistic sense of whether it's an employer's market or an employee's market, and how long it takes the average company to fill an average position.

People skills

Because potential employees have to get through the technical recruiter before they get to you, it's important that they have good people skills. They need to be friendly and build relationships with candidates, and they need to know how to sell your company to make job candidates want to work for you. They need good listening skills to know what candidates want, what you want, and to see when there's a match.

Personal attention

You want personal attention from the recruiter, and so do job seekers. Look for someone who's good at following up, returning phone calls, and replying to emails. When you have questions, the recruiter should have the time to provide all the information you need. If they don't give you enough attention, they probably won't give candidates enough attention, either, and that can frustrate and drive away someone you might want to hire.